19 October 2009

Fa Yuen Mong Kok

Been a busy first week in Hong Kong. Heck, it hasn't even been a week yet! Well, some news first: one of the pictures I took in Kashgar over the summer placed well in a photo contest and will be published in an Asian magazine! Can't say which mag right now because of a confidentiality thing, but I'll make sure to upload some pictures of the spread and full details when it comes out in December! (Picture is of a Uyghur man in Kashgar)

Second bit of news is that one of my photo stories was featured by JPG Magazine! Check it out, and, if you like the images enough, please vote for the story to get published! (although featured online is cool enough as it is!) Karakoram Highway

This is another new pic I took today. It is the Fa Yuen Street Market in Mong Kok, an awesome place to buy cheap clothing (really good quality too) and amazing fresh fruit.

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