31 March 2010

Kowloon Pano

West Kowloon... the tall building on the left side is almost directly south from me and the hill on the right is almost directly north

30 March 2010

Retro Biking

Late afternoon riding in Kuching

Bus Station

Bus station in Bintulu, Malaysia. November, 2009.

29 March 2010

Science Park

Random shot of the Egg in Science Park. Its actually a conference room inside!

28 March 2010

Colors of Pollution

Its always nice to think of a positive side of things... Pollution = great colors!

27 March 2010

Gold Coast

Hong Kong's 'Gold Coast' area has the most incredible colors during sunset sometimes, especially when pollution levels are shredding the old records into pieces!

Somewhere near Elements along the West Kowloon Waterfront

22 March 2010


Mong Kok on a wonderful sunny afternoon without too much pollution stuffing up the air.

21 March 2010


Taken at the bottom of the mountain at 香港中文大学. My classes are about a two minute walk from here

13 March 2010

Food Outtake

Outtake from a food shoot I did yesterday... see me on the right side?!

07 March 2010

Cyberport, Hong Kong

Outtake from a shoot I did near Cyberport last month. Looking south over the South China Sea with Lamma Island on the right.

Tolo Sunset

Tolo Harbor before sunset

Bike Porn 2

It never ceases to amaze me how many different kinds of folding/portable/super tiny bicycles there are out there, especially here in Hong Kong. This one actually has larger wheels than a sizable number of others.

Bike Porn

Ferring on the Trice ICE near the top of Lion Rock in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Mongkok Rooftop

Density is a very interesting thing that warps and twists the shape of districts and cities. In Mongkok it has shaped the way that people live, especially considering that there are an estimated 140,000 people/sq km! Any building may have five or more floors of retail shops and restaurants below, at and above ground level and sometimes hundreds of people living in flats and apartments above those!

Oddly though a lot of the rooftops are fairly quiet and empty. Some of them are filled with lush gardens and swimming pools and ropes tethered to random items to hang laundry out to dry, but this sight really caught my attention because of the oddity of it... a bicycle and jump rope fifteen floors above the streets

06 March 2010

Hong Kong Panorama

Quick photo taken last night from an array of antennae above Lion Rock in Kowloon. The view is looking south over the old Kai Tak Airport and Kowloon Peninsula with Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbor in the distance. Photo was stitched together from three images