23 October 2009

Canon 7D

Test shot with the new Canon 7D! Picked up the camera yesterday at one of the shops on Mong Kok's famous Sai Yueng Choi South Street. Buying cameras and electronics in HK is a simply wonderful experience, as the prices are unbeatable. And, providing you go to the right shops, the camera or whatever else you may be buying is not from the 'grey market' but rather a completely legitimate piece of equipment!

Anyways, took this earlier. It is Hong Kong's famous skyline yet again (get used to it, there will be lots of skyline pictures from now on). Settings: ISO 100, F/22, 30s, 17mm, Canon 7D

The colour may be a bit off on the picture above, but that is 100% human error. Forgot to change the K-Temp from earlier in the day and this image is 100% unedited except for a very very slight realignment/crop.

The video capabilities of the camera are pure quality as well. Once I learn how to shoot them properly I'll add a clip to Vimeo and embed something here on the blog.

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