04 June 2010


Cycling trip panorama! Its been a long time since the last update on here it seems, but, check the link in my previous post to read up and see some more pictures from the trip! There are several updates on the cycling blog now!

This was taken about 10km west of Jeli, Malaysia. It is honestly one of the most beautiful scenes I've had the privilege to view with my own eyes. Early morning just after sunrise deep in the jungle of the peninsula, birds chirping and cawing with vigor and the sweet smell of lush vegetation surrounding me. This place wasn't mentioned in any of the guidebooks or travel websites anywhere that I could find. I checked quite a lot of them to know more about this formation after reaching the next city and found nothing but a vast emptiness with junky links to resorts 200km away from this location. Haha! Anyways, it is along Route 4 that goes from one coast to the other.