15 October 2010

Long time again...

Been working like crazy again. Have spent the last few weeks in HK doing a lot of R&D with some new processing techniques and camera systems for work and will be heading out for a few months very soon.

Was able to enjoy a walk down to the waterfront last night though! In HK I live in a village near Tai Po, a "town" of about 320,000 people. Every night there are some people who fly these massive kites up to 500m above the ground and its really cool to see the different kinds of kites they have.

This shot was taken from the top of the 1997 handover monument along the waterfront park. The body of water is Tolo Harbor and the town way off in the distance is Ma On Shan.

24 September 2010

Fire Dragon Dance

Back in HK, at least for a few weeks. Just spent a month in Singapore for work and am really happy to be back home now :-p So much more culture, so much more life, so much more of everything in HK when compared to Singapore.

Anyways, here are some pictures from last night. It is the Fire Dragon Dance in Tai Hang, Hong Kong. This year was the 131st year in a row that it has been performed. For some of the legends and history behind it, just check on Google!

17 July 2010

Time-Lapse HK

Time-lapse of the infamous HK skyline for an hour before and after sunset...