08 December 2009

Srawak, Brunei & Sabah

Back in Hong Kong now and back to the dreary weather, polluted skies and masses of people. It is really interesting to consider that in all of Sabah and Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo) there are only 5 million people, whichc is a few million less than here!

The city of Kuching is split in half by a river, and at the city center the only way to cross the river is by boat. Most of the locals pay 1RM to cross the river, but a lot of the boat drivers try to ring more money out of you if you are not Malaysian.

Satay is one of the specialties of Sarawak cuisine. Delicious in every way, can get chicken, beef, mutton and even fish. The best part of the satay though is the sauce, which is usually a peanut sauce similar to that in Thailand.

Of course, in Kuching, cats are everywhere. They are everywhere all around Sarawak and Sabah for that matter though. Most of them have short or non-existant tails and I still do not know why.

Typical scene from "the other side" of the river in Kuching. Lots of small motorcycles and scooters carrying entire families!

No trip through Brunei is complete without a visit to this structure. The Sultan of Brunei has an enourmous amount of money and this is just one example of what may be found in Bandar Seri Begawan.

Waiting around at a bus station in Suria, Brunei. The country is much bigger than it first seems. From Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia to Suria is a 2-hour bus ride, and from Suria to Bandar is another couple of hours.

During Fridays and weekends in Kota Kinabaly there are some fantastic street food vendors set up near Jolon Gaya. This was dinner one night. Cooked to perfection with all sorts of chilis and vegetables added to the fried tofu, it tastes absolutely divine.

Food seems to be a running theme throughout all of my Borneo pictures. This is Black Pepper Chicken along with the standard Iced Coffee that I've become addicted to. The sauce has a perfect blend of flavor and spice and even brought beads of sweat to the forehead!