26 April 2010


Well, suppose its time to lay out my summer on here! I'll be flying down to Singapore in a few weeks with my bicycle. From there I'll re-assemble it (have to disassemble it for the flight down) and will be cycling 5000km from Singapore to Macau! Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China in all!

Right now I'm still figuring out routes and whatnot, but honestly most of it will be planned on the fly by the seat of my pants!

This is the bike I'll be doing the tour on. Still some modifications to finish like removing the dual-drive and adding a Campy triple in front, replacing the chain and adding a different seat (mesh, much more tolerable in the summer heat of Southeast Asia!) and oh so much more.

Anyways, enough of this for now. More to come later!


Anonymous said...


We should meet when you are in Singapore!

Tim Martin said...

Thanks for the comment! Cool website you have! I'll be in Singapore on the 19th and probably leaving on the 21st or 22nd