17 November 2009

Mong Kok Wet Market

Strings of dried fish hanging in stairways in the corner of the main wet market in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. No space is every wasted in places like this, and the stairwars are an ideal place to hand strings of freshly caught fish.


Yuru said...

Hey Tim
It's Yuru, the guy from Taiwan you met in Urumqi. You probably have met many guys from Taiwan, ha!
Anyway, I just bought a DLSR camera because I always wanted to have better result on my pictures. I thought about you when I was playing with the camera so I checked your business card and visited your website. Man, I gotta tell you, your pictures are astonishing especially the Uygur ones. So you are in Hong Kong now! What a fun life! Enjoy HK for me, there are so much to see. I won't travel anytime soon cuz I'm in new york studying. Anyway, goood luck to you!!

seefortyone said...

Nice work Tim. I found you through looking on Photoshelter. Let's grab coffee when I'm next in HK. I split my time between London and HK... Hope all is going well for you over there.
Have a happy 2010!