03 November 2009

Ladies' Market

Hong Kong's infamous Ladies Market is located in the heart Mong Kok in the section of Tung Choi Street between Argyle Street and Dundas Street. It is also referred to as Women's Street (Temple Street is the so-called "Man's Street").

To be honest, most of the stuff for sale at the Ladies Market is overpriced and of poor quality. It is where the hoards of tourists go to shop and experience the logic-defying crowds of Mong Kok, especially during the hours after sunset. Shirts, Skirts, Pants, Blouses and all kinds of other clothing can be found here as well as more watches than most people have seen in their lifetime. Be prepared to haggle quite a bit to get a price thats actually representative of whatever is being bought. For guilos like myself the starting price can be expected to be 2-3 times more than the actual price.

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