23 September 2009

First Post, NYC Taxi

First post on the new blog in conjunction with my new website Hong Kong Editorial and Travel Photographer Tim Martin! This photo was taken earlier this evening in Times Square, New York City. NYC has more than 10,000 taxis and these are just two of them, at Times Square in Manhattan.

Also, earlier tonight I met with a small group of other photographers who were accepted into the Eddie Adams Workshop in upstate New York! It was great to meet some of the shooters who will be attending and they were all really down-to-earth people. At the workshop John Moore will be my team (Forrest Green) leader and it is a bit intimidating! Pulitzer Prize winner, phenomenal photographer and someone who I admire for his incredible ability to capture emotion and a sense of actually being there. I remember seeing his pictures on the front page of every newspaper and news website after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and actually feeling like the pictures took me right into the moment. Very powerful images that everyone should take a look at if they are not familiar with them already.

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